What Curriculums do you offer?

We offer CBSE Curriculums.

What is the Teachers – Student ratio in your school?

The Teacher – Student (can be changed).

What are the modes of payment of fees?

Registration fees has to be paid in cash. The admission fees are accepted through card or cheque, Term fees/transport fees, can be paid via cheque/Credit Card/Debit Card or via UPI I’d.

How will extracurricular activity help my child?

We encourage participation of students in extracurricular activities to give every child an opportunity to develop inherent skills and exhibit their non – academic abilities.

Participation in extracurricular activities helps develop:
• Confidence of the students
• Communication & oratory Skills
• Team Spirit
• Leadership Skills
• Physical Fitness
• We help to identify the talent or skill of an individual

How do you deal with a child who is unable to meet the academic expectations or is a below average student?

After every term end, we review the performance of each student. We conduct remedial classes, for students who needs supports and monitor their performance until the next setoff exams. We also check that if these students have extraordinary abilities/interest like in sports, music etc. If so, we encourage them and provide conducive environment for them to progress in that field.

How parents can reach out to school or how approachable is your school to parents?

Through Personal meeting: Parents can visit the school and meet the class teacher/subject teacher or principal (if required) on designated date and time. (PTM) Parents Teacher meeting. After every term end, parents are encouraged to visit the school and review their child’s performance with the class teacher and the section head.

Through social media: Parents can like the child’s schools Facebook or Instagram page and follow them for regular updates.